5 tips on choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet hardware in 2021:

Plan and visualize:

The first and most important step is to plan and visualize what you want your kitchen to look like when you install the kitchen cabinet hardware. Even you are going for kitchen restoration; you need to plan out everything beforehand. If there is no such plan, chances of you not liking the look will be higher. Yes, suggestions from experts do matter, but they don’t see it as you do. An additional benefit of planning and visualizing is that if any such mistake is made, it can be quickly sorted out.

Choose between custom or prefab kitchen cabinets:

These are the major categories you need to choose from in terms of kitchen hardware and design. Mostly, the decision of choice depends on your budget and what type of quality you want. Customized cabinets are much more costly than prefab cabinets. The need for custom cabinets arises when a modern design cabinet is required and hence it is much costly. Customized cabinets cost around $500 per linear foot whereas a stock or prefab cabinet costs around $70 per linear foot.

Choosing the cabinet design:

There are around three basic cabinet designs you can choose from; transitional, modern and traditional. Cabinet designs need to harmonize with the general color combination and the finishes in your kitchen. For example, glossy finish cabinet would look completely odd with a dark colored kitchen countertop. The cabinet style should either blend with the color contrast or make a slight pop out in the background. If there is still confusion regarding this matter, you can always consult with our kitchen designers at aveva construction.

Finishing of the cabinet hardware:

The smaller details to a picture do matter, so minor details in your kitchen like the choosing the right hardware with cabinets do make the overall appearance look better. For instance, choosing between a right handle and pull knob can make a major difference. The following are some mostly like cabinet hardware people use in their kitchens:

  • Iron
  • Black
  • Old copper
  • Antique brass
  • Silver satin
  • Polished chrome
  • Venetian Bronze

The right cabinet size:

Choosing the correct cabinet size is also probably one of the best tip as it directly effects accessibility and function. For example, the wall-hung cabinets need to be in your height limit or you may have a hard time opening and closing them all the time. Keeping the ideal size also ensures that there is enough space in the kitchen for other appliances.

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