5 Ways to decorate your home Balcony

Balcony is mostly the ignored part of the home, but proper care and restoration can literally turn it into your favorite spot. Here are 5 different ways to decorate your balcony:

Foldable Furniture:

Balcony Restoration mostly involves replacement and selection of small minute things and making sure they match the space. Foldable furniture is just perfect for a balcony due to its compact size and its ability of being folded into something much smaller. This not only makes the balcony neat, but also much more spacious. Balcony Repair is a must before installing any such foldable furniture as repair works with things laying around can make work tough.

Installing planting pots and ceiling lamps:

Although most might say that installing planting pots are risky as they might fall, break and cause a mess. That’s true, but you have to compromise on it as it will give a natural touch to your surrounding and make your balcony look stunning. Planting these pots on the railing will give them a defined look making your place neat and green. Ceiling lamps are also a great addition to your balcony, but before that balcony repair should be done especially on the ceiling. You certainly don’t want spots of paint on your ceiling lamps.

Statement Walls:

Statement walls aren’t just for the inside, you can install them outside on the balcony walls too. Besides, they act as the perfect items for balcony restoration. Sitting in the balcony should relieve your stress and some beautiful words read from the wall can cheer you up and enlighten your mood.


Installing a swing is the perfect and a much needed plus in your balcony. A cozy seater in your balcony is a much better alternate than outdate rusted furniture as it saves space and also gives the balcony a stylish yet minimal look making it your favorite place to relax.

Sofa Setting:

You can turn your balcony into a small living space you. Installing some all weather resistant sofas would be highly preferable. Dark colored sofas with dark brown tiles to give it a homely touch. Some thick green artificial plants would just perfect it for you. Ambient lighting would just be the missing piece of the puzzle.

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