About Us

Aveva Construction is an exterior restoration firm that has grown over the years into a sizable organization. Aveva construction is a name of trust and reliability. We strictly follow and implement the industry’s developed procedures and standards for repairing and restoring the exterior facades of New York City and its vicinity. We service all of our valued clients throughout the year whether it’s annual maintenance or complex structural repairs. Our projects range in price from a few thousand to several million dollars and include virtually every type of remedial work operation that could be encountered on any structure in the greater metropolitan area.  

Aveva Construction is a full-service restoration company with expertise in all areas of the exterior waterproofing and roofing industry. Our staff includes professional with backgrounds in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Consulting pertaining to the full life-cycle of a building. We are experienced in tailor-made corrective work programs, troubleshooting leak problems, and can assist you in whatever needs you may have in maintaining an aesthetically pleasing, weather tight, and structurally sound exterior building façade.At Aveva constructions, everyone thrives for one common long-term goal to create lifelong satisfied clients.

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