We continuously strive to maintain the highest safety standards followed by every employee, including senior management on and around our job sites. We annually review our safety standards to keep them up-to-date and in tune with current activities of the company and with the latest legislations.

We work as a team which promotes a friendly environment for our employees and associates that allows us to achieve our goals.

 We believe that our future lies in the hands of our valued customers. In order to have satisfied returning clients, we create and nurture quality employees through continuous education and training. Our purpose is to have the finest quality of work from our employees on every job that we do and provide satisfying job results.

We are dedicated to the highest moral standards and eager to maintain the reliability and trust of our business partners

Our strength of professionalism promotes a strong relationship amongst our associates and employees. It allows us to be productive and produce quality work.

We are committed developing a strong partnership with clients, vendors, and employees. Our commitment is to complete the project in a timely manner and stay within the budget.


Aveva Contraction takes every preventative measure to ensure the safety of our clients, workers, and the public, on and around our job-sites. Our organization strictly implements OSHA safety standards at every job-sites. Aveva Construction provides in-house training and education for all of our professionals, both office and on the field.


Aveva construction inc is a full service restoration company with expertise in all areas of the exterior waterproofing and roofing industry. We comply with all Federal, State, and New York metropolitan Building Codes and Regulations. Our staff includes professionals with backgrounds in Architecture, Engineering and construction consulting pertaining to the full life cycle of building.


Aveva Construction Inc. is committed to develop a strong partnership with clients, vendors and employees. Our commitment is to complete the project in a timely manner and stay in the budget


Aveva Construction Inc.’s mission is to provide the best quality of work, the highest safety standards and maintain the highest level of professionalism.


At Aveva Construction, we thrive for one common long-term goal: to create life-long satisfied clients.


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